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Planning Granted

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

We are very pleased to be announcing, the grant of planning permission by the SDNP for a replacement dwelling. The scheme is for a new private house on a beautiful site at the base of the South Downs in the small hamlet of Treyford, located just over five miles from the town of Midhurst.

The new family dwelling will have a replacement swimming pool and garaging with an emphasis on good design and the use of high quality traditional materials with the highest levels of energy efficiency .The scheme responds sympathetically to the local vernacular and creates a form which harmonises with its surroundings and minimal visual impact to the landscape.

The plan is located upon the similar footprint of the existing dwelling and therefore sited close to the eastern boundary of the site.

The layout has been developed along traditional lines with the front entrance creating a strong focal point and the main façade grouped symmetrically around this point.

An axis running North-South through from the main entrance visually directs attention to the garden beyond. A cross axis running West-East also formalises the ground floor plan with more functional activities taking place to the West and formal ones to the East. At first floor level, there are five en-suite bedrooms each designed to enjoy views of the surrounding Sussex landscape.

The garden is arranged with the replacement swimming pool in place of the existing. Landscaping and planting proposals in keeping with its rural surroundings will be developed to ensure continuity of the scheme to settle it within its site.

Within the wider landscape the visual impact of the proposal will be minimal – special regard has been given to the viewpoints from the public footpath which continues around the perimeter and across the driveway to the site.

VHA Team


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